The Ocean Legacy Foundation

I am thankful for the hard relentless work that is done by The Ocean Legacy Foundation, all of the volunteers and other organizations involved in tackling our oceans plastic problem.
Everytime I go to grab a straw, bottle, utensil or any other unnecessary single use plastic or styrofoam product I am reminded of the devastation that I encountered on Lasqueti Island and ask myself do I really need it? Is there an eco friendly option to replace that item? Of course there are times where it may not be practical but it's important to be aware and question our actions.
Earlier this summer a group of us spent 4 days scouring beaches and coves on the island and in that short period of time we came back with numerous super sacs filled with styrofoam and plastic of all shapes and sizes.
It was very emotional seeing the horrendous state of these places we care about. I never fully understood how bad the problem was until it affected me personally. Our consequences have lasting effects that you don't see once it is no longer your problem.
If you're asking yourself how can you help and be a part of the solution you can find more detailed information here.

For more information on the Ocean Legacy Foundation: They focus on transforming marine debris into a valuable resource. Their long term vision is to assist local and international communities in developing tools such as long term education, shoreline clean-up efforts and plastic-to-fuel technologies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have 6 minutes to spare please watch the video below to learn more.